Mbankolo welcomes 28 students from Ngodi Si

Mbankolo welcomes 28 students from Ngodi Si

28 STUDENTS FROM NGODI-SI STAY IN MBANKOLO from end of May to beginning of August 2020

In order to offer a quality study environment and a better pedagogical follow-up to the students of Ngodi-Si preparing either the Brevet des Collèges (GCE) or the Baccalauréat (‘A’ Levels), Father Emmanuel has decided to welcome 28 students at the AFRIQUE FUTURE Centre in Mbankolo for two months and to personally monitor their progress. Indeed, the living conditions in the bush are very difficult, malnutrition prevails, and the lack of water and electricity is common. To get to school, the young people have to walk for hours every day, in all weathers, on muddy and slippery paths during the rainy season. They come back home to the village exhausted, as night falls quickly around 6pm, preventing them from doing their homework.

Fed and housed at the Centre, the 10 Fourth Formers, 8 Sixth Formers and 10 Upper Sixth Formers studied during the day at the AFRIQUE FUTURE School Complex of Emana (ranked among the best in the archdiocese of Yaoundé).

Ngodi-Si’s eight permanent teachers accompanied their students to take care of them during tutorials, to help them review their lessons and to supervise them outside the school. These teachers also received additional teacher training in Emana.

At a less professional level in Ngodi-Si, teachers and students made good progress in Emana where they were given a warm welcome. After the end of their stay in town, the young people were taken directly to Eséka for their exams.

The results of the exams were very satisfactory: 10 out of 10 for the Brevet des Collèges (GCE), 7 out of 8 for the Probatoire (first part of the baccalauréat). The second part of the baccalauréat revealed deficiencies which are being addressed this year.

In conclusion, we can be pleased that the stay in Emana was also fruitful as it helped discovering different living conditions and allowed exchanges between young city dwellers and rural youth. This opening onto the world will have fostered new perspectives and created unsuspected projects, as some teenagers said on their return to Ngodi-Si.