About us

Afrique Future “Deutschland”, “Canada”, “France” raise awareness to the problems of the Third World (discussion evenings, letters and  bulletins), seek funding for their projects, help establish applications for co-funding, provide ‘Afrique Future Cameroun’ with the necessary administrative or technical  assistance.

From the beginning, Afrique Future has considered that it is up to the African people to determine their needs and priorities, to schedule their projects and work, and that it is their responsibility to ensure the proper functioning of the established structures.

Afrique Future “West” accompanies Afrique Future “Cameroun” as its big brother, providing the advice needed, but granting it the liberty which leads to a number of necessary experiments and mistakes.

Furthermore, Afrique Future “West” seeks funds and sensitizes the populations of the North to the problems of those of the South. Abbé Emmanuel supports this approach when travelling to the countries where the association exists.  During meetings, conferences and various events, he tells of the evolution of Cameroon’s villages which benefited from help and attests that efficient, honest work is possible in Africa.

Afrique Future’s aim is clearly focused, i.e. it ensures support as long as the people need it, along a development path including the construction and maintenance of road communications – which allow human and economic exchanges – health care and the interest of education, schooling and professional training. It also commits to initiating an aesthetic sense – to do “good and beautiful” – in keeping with the three-dimensionality of the human being – body, soul and mind.

Afrique Future is keen to generate, encourage and realise the development in which its African friends are engaged to improve their living standards and actively contemplate their future.


AFRIQUE FUTURE has started its 34nd year of existence, building on the great enthusiasm of its facilitators, members and donors since its origins.

I am pleased with the ties created between all of us – firmly engaged volunteers from the Western world. We succeed in working together in the thoughtful interest of our African brothers.

I am moved and happy to see our fruitful work in the areas that the people of Cameroon have freely chosen to privilege. New roads provide access to rural regions, health centres and schools are now accessible to the poorest.

Great institutions trust us and co-finance the implementation of our projects. We are serious and determined. True fraternity has formed and Cameroon has become closer to Germany, Canada and France. Let’s go on, let’s persevere, let’s experiment a different world based on everyone’s wish and faith!

To you who surf on the Web all over the world, I say “COME! Come and join us, come and work and learn, come and live and let live!”

Bernadette Escher