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Word from the Founder

Helping Africa, is it truly worth the while ?

Le mot du fondateur


As a man « of first hand experience » based on my background and my experiences, I say « YES ! » Cameroonian from a very poor family, founder of an efficient humanitarian association (AFRICA FUTURE, I still have many questions.

What is third world poverty, what is a successful developmental action ?

Far from any strategic or economic analysis, what resonates in me is the word man and « fear » : Fear of the African and fear of the Westerner, both seem caused by a tremendous lack of confidence.

The African does not believe in his capabilities and hesitates strongly to believe in his fellow human beings, while the Westerner does not believe in the African’s desire to commit himself and take charge of his existence.

Le mot du fondateur

Distant painful past and recent occult practices weigh heavily on the African, corruption and tribal wars justify the Westerner’s pessimism. All these put together lead to some sort of paralysis where millions of men and women suffer unjustly.

While I was a student at the University of Strasbourg, awareness and discoveries have allowed for some friendships to develop, and the circle has progressively grown, giving men and women the opportunity to think differently and to hear the cries of my impoverished co-citizens of Cameroon

They understood and shared my emotion ; they joined me in my desire to help those whose misery I knew. Together, filled with enthusiasm, we launched in the adventure : AFRICA FUTURE « love, guide, construct » is now twenty-one years old.

Through their involvement in the projects, the villagers, who rightly asked for roads, bridges and dispensaries, have rediscovered their potential to make changes and to consider their future.

Children who were destined to illiteracy, because of their isolated villages located in the heart of the forest or, as too often the case, the poverty of their families, are now schooled and opened to the world.

Today I am persuaded that the success of any developmental action depends primarily on human relations and the networking they develop.

I experience that the judicious and honest use of the funds allows for realizations that are aesthetic and of quality and reciprocally satisfactory to both the donator and the beneficiary.

Le mot du fondateur

I deeply rejoice at new life springing forth in the villages, where before were in the process of extinction, and in the dynamism now found in the spirit of the youth who previously, because of desperation, were lead to rural exodus before even dreaming of emigrating.

The productivity of AFRICA FUTURE gives me much happiness but the requests for help that continue in flux remind me of the vast workload that still remains. I am optimistic and believe that the « positive » is contagious.

For and with those, and they are the larger number, who fight to live, sometimes just to survive, I am, and we are decided to continue to sow and to reap.

Encounters and sharing bring joy. Join us !