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Micro rural projects

Microprojets ruraux

Within AFRICA FUTURE CAMEROUN, women from fifty villages (from the department of Nyon and Kelly and from Emana-Village – Yaounde) constitute an autonomous association called « SOFRAAF » (Active Rural Feminine Solidarity Africa Future) SOFRAAF has a pyramidal structure. The women from each village elect a president ; the presidents from the various sectors elect a general president.

Each locality or each sector chooses a microproject – an oil mill, a cereal mill, community gardens, purchase of seeds, etc. The AFRICA FUTURE administrative council reviews the project and the finances in the event of its acceptance.

An agricultural technician has counselled the women of SOFRAAF and assisted them in the management of eventual problems in the functioning of their structures. Unfortunately John has deceased in an auto accident upon his return from one of the villages. His replacement is difficult to find because other than the professional competence it is necessary to speak basaa, the only tribal language that the majority of the rural women understand.

Microprojets ruraux

The SOFRAAF is also a place where women experience a « living together » that prepares the minds to the functioning of a « co-op ».

Microprojets ruraux

The SOFRAAF allows for the women to prove for themselves their abilities to undertake, to progressively increase their standard of living (notably that of their children) and to eventually attain some financial autonomy. Certain groups have enough savings that they « invest » with AFRICA FUTURE and obtain some interest.

Many villages are waiting for an opening to adhere to SOFRAAF but AFRICA FUTURE must limit the number of groups so as to be able to assure assistance and financing.